Spotify - How to get your Spotify premium?



Join this discord server:

How to activate your premium plan?

To get started, you're going to go to the discord server and then go to the "📚┐tickets" lounge.

Once you're in the right room, simply click on
"Spotify Support" and a ticket will automatically be opened for you at the very bottom of the discord (See image ->).


Once in this ticket, you'll simply send a screenshot of your purchase email. (Received after purchase)

Once you've done this, please send the details of your Spotify account on which you'd like to receive your Premium plan in a private message to GokuGlitch.

⚠️Merci not to ping any staff member or show your impatience.

Happy listening!

Spotify - What to do if you lose your Premium?

Should you lose your Premium plan, it is possible to recover it.

How do I do this?

It's quite simple: when you purchase an account (€5), you get a 30-day guarantee, which allows you to recover your premium plan if it is lost.

But what do you do when the 30-day guarantee expires?

It's very simple too, all you have to do is take out a warranty subscription. The warranty subscription costs €0.99 each month, but allows you to :


  1. Benefit from a premium replacement guarantee in the event of loss at any time.
  2. Benefit from a service enabling you to transfer all your playlists in the event of a problem with your account.

Spotify - Other questions (FAQ)

  • Can I change the country of origin in my account settings?
    No, you must not change the country we put in your settings, otherwise you will lose your premium.
  • What do I do if I lose my premium?
    See "Spotify - What to do if you lose your Premium".
  • Do I have to take out the €0.99/month guarantee directly?
    No, you have to take out this warranty in order to benefit from the advantages (mentioned above on this page) once you have exceeded the 30-day basic warranty period.
  • Is this guarantee debited every month, and how do I stop it?
    To end your Spotify guarantee subscription, simply open a ticket on our discord server and submit your cancellation request there, providing the e-mail address you used when you subscribed to the guarantee.


    Go to your banking application and cancel it from there.